Project Description

Has this ever happened to you? You step out the door to a sunny fall day, the temperature is moderate and only requires a sweater. You begin your commute, but the time you get to work the weather has turned and the rain is coming down in sheets. You walk in the rain and then spend the morning in an itchy wet sweater. Or have you ever put on your parka and leave the house and ended up having to carry a heavy coat around all day?

Getting out the door on time can be challenging and no one has time to spend dithering about what to wear. Valuable time wasted. If only there were a button to push that picked your outerwear for you!

Introducing Alee, the app that allows you to input your outerwear choices and the number of hours you will be out in the elements picks the appropriate outerwear for you based on the weather forecast.

Raincoat? Parka? Hoodie? Jacket? Never spend time wondering again.

This project will use the Open Weather API.

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Logic Chart and Comp


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