Browser Game: Set your House on Fire

Project Description

This project is designed to practice event handling in the context of a modern JavaScript web application. in this project, I built a modified version of the classic Tic Tac Toe game called Set Your House on fire.

This project:

  • Creates a Player class that accepts an icon parameter in the constructor()
  • Completes the creation of a TicTacToe class to handle the primary game functions
  • Sets up the game board using DOM manipulation commands
  • Initializes values to count moves and track game status (playing, won, draw)
  • Adds event listeners to game tiles to handle player interaction
  • Creates methods to handle game logic including recording moves, switching players, etc
  • Allows the player to begin a game by clicking the "Start Game" button,
  • Adds event listeners to the document object to handle "win" and "draw" events.
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Code Snipit

JavaScript project code


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